Queensland Positive People


This non-profit organization desperately sought appropriate office and community space but had been unable to find any appropriate solution for over three years. Funded by a QLD Health Capital Works Grant, QPP needed a company to help them avoid council regulatory issues that had dogged them in the past, while satisfying the provisions of service agreement with their funding body.

Numerous fitout companies had put it in the “too hard basket” before QPP discovered Witbrook Projects. The client felt immediately at ease knowing that not only would the work be taken on, but that the Witbrook team would take charge of the entire process. We were aware that the funding was finite and it was important that nothing could be left the chance or assumption.

When the building was officially opened they were happy to receive specific and very favorable mention of the quality of the office fitout.

"Keith, we can't speak highly enough of Witbrook Projects. With your sound guidance and skill at every stage of a complete building make-over, you have transformed our ugly, besser-block factory into a contemporary, professional and yet welcoming State Resource Centre which we are all elated and proud to call our workplace. The innovative mix of office and community services will serve us, our work and our community excellently and well into the future."

Simon O'Connor, Queensland Positive People