Commercial Office Fit Outs

Delivering High End Office Fitouts in Brisbane & Gold Coast Since 1992

Comprehensive commercial fitouts

Our experience in delivering some of the finest commercial fit outs in Brisbane means we’re well-connected in the industry. We have positive relationships with trade professionals and companies across the Brisbane and Gold Coast. This allows us to provide you with a comprehensive commercial fitout. 

Our network includes plumbing, electrical, and data and cabling professionals, through to interior designers and stylists who help us pull your fitout together. 

Whether we’re completing a fit out for your office or a medical centre — you’ll be able to collect the keys and just move in.

Office fit outs need to marry function with style

A lot rides on the quality of your office fit out. Your fit out should complement your team’s workflow and make work a place they enjoy coming to. It should appeal to your clients and office guests too though. You need an intelligently designed office fit out that combines a stylish design with a functional layout. 

We consider your team’s workflow

Early in the design process, we’ll learn about your team. Do they work independently or collaboratively? What are their essentials at work? We’ll run through all aspects of you and your team’s workflow so we can develop a checklist of your requirements. We’ll ensure your office space fit out serves your team.

We create a strong first impression

So many elements will affect how your clients or customers perceive you — and your office fit out is one of them. From the moment someone steps into your office, they’re making subconscious judgements about your business and brand. We’ll make sure your office gives the right first impression with the best office fitout designs.

Open plan office fit outs

Open plan office fit outs offer a host of benefits. They drive collaboration, foster communication, and improve your company culture. Team members can easily share ideas, seek opinions, and spend more time communicating with members in the team. Our team is experienced in delivering intelligently designed open plan office fitouts.

Closed plan office fit outs

Different industries call for privacy in the office. Private offices are well-suited to those in corporate roles or in roles that require discretion and privacy. These office fit outs call for smart designs that provide those private office spaces while creating open areas for meetings and team collaboration.

Healthcare & medical centre fit outs need clean, comfortable designs

In the healthcare and medical fields, it’s so essential that your clinic, centre, or surgery is welcoming, comfortable, and clean. You want your patients to feel at ease, whether they’re mid-procedure or just in the waiting room. And your fit out plays a large role in how they feel. Whether it’s a medical centre fit out, a specialist suite, or a dental clinic, our team will perfect your fit out.

We’ll create a welcoming and bright space

It’s important that your medical fit out is bright and welcoming. It needs to incorporate colours and textures that are easy to maintain so you can ensure your space — whether a waiting room or specialist suite — always looks clean and hygienic. On-brand colours and smart furniture selections create a warm, welcoming space.

We’ll ensure it functions as you need it to

From the layout to incorporating all the necessary pieces of equipment, we’ll build a functional centre for your business. Being Brisbane's experienced shopfitters and trade professionals, we have the right experience when it comes to ticking off all the essentials. Like private spaces, the correct lighting, and any additional fittings or fixtures you’ll need to operate at your best.

Medical centres

Our team is experienced in facilitating fresh and vibrant medical centre fit outs. From your GP offices to a stylish waiting room, we’ll achieve this.

Specialist suites

From consultation rooms to specialist suites for physiotherapists, psychologists and optometrists — our considered fit outs will transform your centre.

Dental clinics

We fit out comfortable and intelligently designed dental clinics. Rely on our team to transform your dental clinic with new fitouts design.

The experience to offer a personalised experience

We’ve been transforming Brisbane one business at a time since 1992. Our 30 years in the industry has armed us with the experience and knowledge to walk you through the commercial fit out process. We understand your unique requirements and your constraints and we work with you to personalise our high quality office fitout process and give you the best makeover experience. 

If you’re looking for a commercial fit out in Brisbane or Gold Coast, you can rely on the team at Witbrook Projects for a fit out that runs on time, on budget and exceeds your expectations.