Building Audits & Reports

Know Where You Stand

With building standards constantly evolving, it’s important to know where you stand. At Witbrook, we ensure we maintain current knowledge and remain up to date with building codes and requirements. This way, we can provide you with certainty on any issues in your building and can tailor our recommendations to you and your building specifically.

A Comprehensive Report

Our team runs full and comprehensive building audits so we can identify all issues as well as any potential issues inside your building. You’ll receive our team’s full support to identify how urgent repairs are and how to approach actioning them.






Plumbing & Drainage

Storm Water


Painting & Plastering

Fire Safety

Plumbing & Drainage

Storm Water


Painting & Plastering

Fire Safety


We provide a Range of Compliance Works

Our team is experienced across a range of compliance works, including Certificates of Classification, asbestos assessments, project feasibility studies and much more. 

Certificates of Classification

Obtain the correct Certificate of Classification for your building. A Certificate of Classification is used to classify what type of building you own or have built and how it can be used. You’ll need to display this certificate in your business.

Asbestos Assessments

Having asbestos in your building is not necessarily a massive hazard. However, if your building does contain asbestos, it’s important the right steps are taken to ensure the safety of tenants, including asbestos assessments. Safe Work Australia specifies the steps you must take to keep tenants safe.

Project Feasibility

Head into the building phase with confidence. Have our team complete a project feasibility study to identify any risks, issues and the feasibility of your proposed project plans. Our project feasibility studies are comprehensive and give you the correct knowledge to progress in your project.

What do you need?

Need a different kind of compliance work completed for your building? We can most likely help you. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Your Commercial Building Inspection Report Will come Priced and Prioritised.

All issues are classified to indicate the urgency of each repair for you. How unsafe is it? How do we expect it to progress? What do we think the deadline for the repair is? We’ll detail the costs of the remedies as well, giving you everything you need to prioritise and focus on what matters most in your building.

Why Choose Witbrook?

True Turn-Key Solution

Leverage our proven and reliable "done-for-you" process that includes EVERYTHING from commencement to completion.

Spend Less

Having your project expertly managed means less stress, but also lower cost due to our experience and extended network of suppliers. Achieve higher quality for less, with Witbrook.

Complete Project Visibility

Don't be left in the dark. See your project status in real-time with our comprehensive project reporting platform.

On-Time Delivery

We understand the hidden costs of overdue projects. We protect you from this with our proven project management process, delivering your project on-time.

Everything, Under Control

Stress less when you trust in the experience of the Witbrook team, so you can focus on getting on with business.

Quality, Guaranteed

Attention to detail is in our DNA. You can trust that we'll stand behind the quality of our projects - our reputation depends on it.

30 Years Strong

We've done this before - in fact, over 1000 times in the last 30 years. Trust in the Witbrook professionals to bring your project to life.

One Point of Contact

You deal with one Project Manager who takes responsibility for your project success.

Commercial Building Audits Ensure Safety for You & Your Tenants.

Building codes and compliance requirements are created and established with purpose. Years of research and development has led to us knowing exactly what makes a building unsafe, unstable, or likely to deteriorate. By having your building audited, you can prevent unfortunate events like fire and deterioration and ensure safety for those living or working in your building.

Ensure Your Building Meets Relevant
Building Codes & Australian Standards

Avoid tedious dealings with the QBCC and remain on the front foot in relation to complying with relevant building codes and Australian standards. We’ll give you the support to keep your building up to code and avoid any issues that come with not meeting these.

Periodic Building Audits Save You Money Long-Term

Don’t wait until your building has been audited or something goes wrong. By investing a small amount to have your building professionally inspected, audited, and a report compiled, you can know and understand what potential issues are within your building. Then, you can spend a small amount now to have it repaired, rather than costing much more, further down the track.

We Have the Team to Action Your Repairs Too

As well as providing detailed commercial building inspection reports, we’re able to organise and complete these repairs for you. Our team won’t just itemise the repairs with priorities, we’ll walk you through the repairs with our recommendations. We can support you in working to specific budgets and within specific timeframes.

30 Years Completing Comprehensive Building Audits

We’ve spent more than 30 years refining our work in the construction space. Today, we’re known as specialists in commercial construction and for supporting commercial building processes — through commercial building services, auditing, and fit outs. Our clients appreciate the difference in partnering with us. 

We build relationships with you and provide second to none customer service alongside our hands-on support.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can bring your project to life.

Fully Costed and Prioritised

All issues are classified to indicate the urgency and cost of remedy, allowing you to focus on what matters most.