Building Maintenance & Management

Keep your building in excellent condition with building maintenance services

With time, your building, whether a small shop or a large centre or hub, will require maintenance and repairs. By engaging a company like Witbrook Projects to manage and maintain your building, you can prevent large, costly issues. It also allows you to know that you’re keeping your team or your tenants safe in a structurally-sound building.

Building maintenance & building management services save you money in the long run

We like to look at building maintenance services as an investment for your business. By engaging our team and paying a small amount now, you can save yourself money in the long run. As we’re maintaining your building, we ensure that we keep it in good condition and that you can avoid costly repairs. You can also save money from potential liability issues that can come with unnoticed problems in your building.

Your team for scheduled building maintenance services

Our team of carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers and other tradespersons are here to maintain your building to an exceptional standard. We keep a large variety of tradespersons on our team so that we can provide you with the building maintenance and repairs you need, when you need them.

We can complete a variety of maintenance and repairs

We work to provide you with a comprehensive building management service. It begins with our close attention to detail and the reactive nature of our repairs and is carried through our highly experienced team and the exceptional standard of work we provide.

Painting & Plastering Services

Maintain the appearance of your building with painting and plastering. Whether it’s a refresher for your building and its appearance, or a highly necessary patch and plaster job, our team will provide you with the highest standard of workmanship.

Plumbing & Electrical Repairs

We’re your commercial construction team for plumbing and electrical repairs. Your plumbing and electrical systems are some of the most essential systems in your building. Partner with Witbrook Projects for all your plumbing and electrical maintenance.

HVAC Maintenance

Keep your building comfortable with HVAC Maintenance. An HVAC or air conditioning issue can cause great discomfort for your team or tenants. Prevent costly breaks and repairs by having your HVAC systems routinely maintained.

Carpentry & Building Maintenance

Of course, with a team of carpenters and builders with high levels of experience and expertise in commercial building maintenance, we’re well-appointed to maintain and repair your building. We provide the highest level of workmanship to our clients.

Why choose Witbrook Projects for your building maintenance services

We guarantee quality

Our team works hard to provide you with guaranteed quality. From the internal processes we follow, to the tradespersons we hire and the values we instil in our team, it always comes back to a commitment to quality.

Quick, reactive service

When you need us, we’ll be there. We work hard to provide you with quick turnaround times and highly reactive services that offer you certainty and assurance in your building and its quality.

30 years of experience

With 30 years of business experience, our team of building maintenance professionals and commercial construction experts offer a breadth of skill, knowledge, and an intricate understanding of commercial buildings.

An expert team that’s here for you

We don’t just have an expert team of tradespersons to complete maintenance and repairs for you, we also have our tradespersons readily available to you. When you have a question, concern, or issue with your building, we’ll provide you with expert advice.

Variety of trades under one roof

As part of our dedication to providing you with a comprehensive service, we keep a variety of different tradespersons under one roof. It means that we always have the perfect person for the maintenance or repair when you need us.

We notice small problems before they become bigger

The best part of our building maintenance service is that it’s preventative. By inspecting your building and running routine maintenance on it, we identify any small problems that have the potential to become bigger. Then, we repair them on the spot.

30 years providing building maintenance services to Brisbane & Queensland

With 30 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, we bring a high level of skill, experience, and knowledge to each project we take on. From designs to commercial fitouts and builds, and through to building audits and reports — we bring a breadth of knowledge and our impressive track record of successful commercial projects. 

When it comes to our commercial construction and building maintenance services, we love getting to provide support across Brisbane and Queensland. Partner with us to keep your commercial building in excellent condition.

Keeping Your Building in Good Shape

With preventable building issues costing Australian building owners millions of dollars each year, it makes sense to invest in professional building maintenance.

By keeping up with regular maintenance, we catch the small issues before they become big ones. Saving you money and protecting you from legal liability in the long run.

We Have You Covered

We cover all areas of maintenance including:


Plumbing & Drainage

Painting & Plastering

Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs


Carpet Repairs


Carpet Repairs

HVAC Maintenance


At Witbrook, we take the hassle out of building maintenance, so you can focus on getting on with business. By leveraging our 30 years of expertise, we can efficiently keep your building in good shape and protect your investment for years to come.

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